Best Cash Cannons 2019

best cash cannon

A cash cannon becomes important when you are heading to Las Vegas, Atlanta, Miami, Los Angeles or New York for attending a bachelor party, a ceremony, or a wedding. Cash gun is the best way to make others feel good about having you because when you will rain the money it will worth something.

Best Cash Cannons

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There are several cash canons available in the market some of them are good and others are not perfect. But we already spent hours in testing and research to select worthwhile cash guns for the money to help you choose the best one. So these are the best cash canon we think according to our research.

When you are in a club or a party, having a cash cannon makes you feel proud because it is advantageous in many ways. When you are raining cash, you can attract girls, you can make yourself stand out of the crowd because cash rain requires guts if you are raining the real cash out there.

Cash cannon is a new and innovative technology that will allow you to throw some cash on bar dancers to make them confident and think that you like them.

Either you go in a gentlemen’s club, or attending a private suite in a hotel, or staying in your own home, the cash cannon is going to add excitement to your party.

What is a Cash Canon

A cash cannon is a lightweight and easy to use a gun that resembles with a real gun but it’s a lot bigger in size and more lightweight because the main objective of the cash cannon is to throw cash out of it instead of bullets. The only common thing between a real gun and this gun is the design but the operation of cash cannon is completely different and the bigger body means it holds several dollars bills to rain money for a longer time.

How a Cash Canon Work

The cash cannon works on a battery that gives a run time of a few minutes depending on the battery type. Some people tend to get extra batteries to replace while attending a party because once a battery runs low you definitely need to recharge it or replace it with another one. The additional batteries are not expensive, and replacement is also easy. Most of the cash cannons are designed to allow you to replace the batteries with less hassle.

Every cash cannon has a container for batteries that you can open the lid, pop out existing batteries, and insert the new batteries to make it rain again.

Now, every cash cannon has the capacity to hold a certain amount of bills that you can throw. It’s your decision to either put real dollar bills or use dummy notes from the manufacturer with customized printing, even your name or picture on them.

Once the bill container is filled, the only thing you need to do is to press the trigger to make the money rain. The speed of the cash cannon matters because the more faster the notes come, the more often you have to refill it.